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The state of Florida is home to hundreds of thousands of miles of roads. These roads accommodate millions of licensed drivers, making automobile accidents a common occurrence. In fact, auto accidents are one of the most prevalent causes of personal injury in Florida.

As an experienced auto accident attorney, Robert S. Blanket, P.A. serves Hollywood and all neighboring cities in Florida. Mr. Blanket has successfully managed hundreds of auto accident cases for automobile drivers and is prepared to represent you for your case.

Legal Services For All Auto Accident Cases in Hollywood

Auto accidents may involve different types of motor vehicles, not just cars.  Trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians, for example, may all have different nuiances in automobile accident cases. With extensive experience in providing legal assistance to victims of accidents, Mr. Blanket can help you successfully manage your automobile accident case.

When you reach out to our office, you won’t be connected to an assistant or to an investigator.  Instead, you will speak directly to Mr. Blanket about your auto accident case.  We take care of our auto accident clients with both personal attention and fast responses to ensure that you will be comfortable with our handling of your auto accident claim.

More Than 30 Years of Auto Accident Case Experience

Compensation in Your Auto Accident Case

If you incurred injuries in an auto accident at no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation for your loss. Mr. Blanket may be able to help you obtain various types of compensation in your auto accident case, such as:

  • Unpaid medical expenses
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

Victims of auto accidents in and around the city of Hollywood can turn to Mr. Blanket for professional legal services. He is happy to review your auto accident case and determine if he can assist you in trying to obtain compensation for your loss. 

Our office only charges an attorney’s fee if we successfully obtain compensation for your auto accident case. There are no upfront or out-of-pocket payments required.

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If you have had an automobile accident case in Hollywood, please reach out to our office at any time for help with your automobile accident case. Mr. Blanket would be proud to represent you, and we provide free consultations. Please call 954-792-7667 to speak directly to Mr. Blanket about your automobile accident case.

At our office, you won’t be charged any attorney’s fee unless we successfully recover money for your personal injury claim.